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At our core, we are storytellers who use the media of film making with publishing to capture the essence of stories that change the world in authentic ways.

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When we formed Principia in 2010, we purposely incorporated media into our name. Initially, we concentrated our efforts in book publishing. But from the start, we understood we would eventually expand into other aspects of media. Later this year, we will be announcing the upcoming release of our first full length documentary film which will also incorporate books and other products to enhance the experience. Stay tuned for our exciting news to be announced soon.

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Who We Publish


The successful submission is from an exceptional storyteller with a compelling subject or story, has a clearly defined market and understands the importance of being part of a community of authors. We accept most genres but do require prospective authors to be respectful, inclusive and accepting of others.

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What We Publish

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He Plays a Harp

Roberta King

He Plays a Harp – a memoir by Roberta King — chronicles the short life and death of her son Noah as told through his mother’s point of view.

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The Black Angel of the Lord

Norman and Lynn Reed

“The Black Angel of the Lord brings together ancient history, biblical storytelling, and creative fiction to electrify readers.”

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Sustainability Demystified

Norman Christopher

An “essentials guide” to sustainability best practices for small- to medium-sized business owners, managers and leaders to help them maximize their triple bottom line: people, planet and profits.”

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The Non-Religious Christian

Vern Jones

Do you claim to be more spiritual than religious? This guide for Christians questioning dogma and searching for meaning is for you.

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Who We Are


Publishing is not our job, it is our passion.

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