Our Process

Film allows you to hear the story – straight from the main characters’ lips. At Principia Media, we are passionate about creating engaging documentary films that pull viewers in to your story and tell the truth in a visually and artistically stunning way.

Our key capabilities include:

  • Investigative work
  • In-depth storytelling
  • Telling stories with broad-based interest
  • Pairing documentary and manuscript for an engaging film/book experience

Documentary films are usually a 1-2 year process with Principia. We always take the time to do research, conduct first-person interviews, and create content that accentuates your story.

Consultation and Evaluation

We are looking for stories with national – and international – significance. The first step in our filmmaking process is to meet with the prospective storytellers and see what makes their idea unique, compelling, and needing to be told. We will hear the full story and carefully define the scope of the project.

We typically devote our energy to a single project at a time, allowing us to dive fully into a story. If we are currently working on a project, your pitch may be next in line.

Film Production

During the production phase of filmmaking, our team utilizes in-studio, run-n-gun, and on-location shooting to bring viewers the best experience possible. Our full-service team will write, shoot, and edit your documentary film from start to finish. We have our own film and production studio that enables our team to craft engaging content in-house.


When the film is completed, our work isn’t done. Our team utilizes years of marketing experience to get your story in front of viewers. We assist in promoting the film to help it get the recognition it deserves, from Premiers in multiple locations to submissions to film festivals and the appropriate market.

Submit Your Idea

Our Films

D.B. Cooper: The Real Story

“D.B. Cooper: The Real Story” is the true story of the investigation that led to the unveiling of D.B. Cooper’s identity. Delve into the never-before-seen history of America’s most famous skyjacker.

Route 2 Elsewhere

A film about rural America through the lens of a 1500 mile stretch of US Highway 2 from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan through the Sweet Grass Hills of Montana.