The Search for DB Cooper: How We Cracked the Case and Why Some People Don’t Want it Solved

It is a rare occasion when all the puzzle pieces of a criminal investigation fit so cleanly and a decades-old cold case gets solved. In this instance, it just happens to be one of the most notorious criminal cases in commercial aviation history. I was fortunate to have met many of the credible witnesses in this case, I saw a wide range of the physical evidence, and I have had extensive unvarnished conversations with the author and primary key investigators Joe Koenig. I believe beyond any reasonable doubt that Walter Reca was in fact DB Cooper. Mark Twain’s comment that “truth is stranger than fiction” could not have a better application than the life of Walter Reca. The evidence presented speaks for itself. The only thing left is for the intelligence community to review the facts, admit to the facts and declare it “case solved.” The implications here are significant for governments around the globe.


Vern Jones’s book tells the story about how he and his team solved the fifty—year-old D.B. Cooper case.

It also represents a huge investment for Vern Jones. Not in the economic sense, although that is significant in terms of money and sweat by many. His overwhelmingly important investment is in the ethical sense. The investment is Vern’s belief system, his dedication to the truth, and his passion to get Carl Laurin’s decades-long work to the public while Carl was still alive. Carl Laurin, who died in late 2020, dedicated much of his life to gathering the evidence and telling the world that Walter Reca, Carl’s old skydiving friend, was D. B. Cooper. He was able, before he died, to realize the value and greatness of his work. He struggled with the public’s reluctance to accept his work and his findings. It was frustrating, especially for someone who lived with the secret for so many years, and Vern artfully convinced Carl not to get off track and to move in a straight line to get his story out to the world. Carl grew to know that Vern was always working to make Carl’s story a credible one, one for which Carl and his family could be proud. That was Vern’s goal – his only goal. And he achieved it.


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