Ren French

Ren French is a New Orleans–based playwright, actor, and award-winning hotel concierge. His wildly successful old-time radio series, The Clifton Monroe Chronicles, has been performed on stages throughout New Orleans. His other series include Saints and Sisters: Nuns with Guns in Old New Orleans; The Chip Parker Journals; and A Crescent City Christmas. In addition, Ren has also written short stories, told many tall tales, and performed as a burlesque member of Picolla Tushy Presents: The Bluestockings.

Ren has bitten his tongue for more than thirty years in guest services and now shares his experiences with you, the reader. Enjoy outlandish personalities, dumb guest questions, crazy conversations, and glimpses of his life leading up to and through the lens of a concierge. The internal dialogue in Ren’s mind, as opposed to what Ren says to the guest, is a fun journey through the fantastical world of the Rensverse.

Ren currently lives in New Orleans with his family, actor Joshua Carpenter and their two amazing and gassy fur-kids, Jasper Pendragon and Namaste Panini.

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