Dough Nation

Christopher Andrus

Dough Nation: How Pizza (and Small Business) Can Change the World

America has lost faith in its most trusted institutions. Charitable giving is slowing at alarming rates. Yet business owner and entrepreneur Christopher Andrus is convinced the future holds much to be excited about—if things change.

Told through the lens of a small startup making a big impact on its neighborhood, Dough Nation illustrates the power that small businesses have but often don’t recognize or leverage. Andrus brings data and real-life experience to show readers that entrepreneur-driven small business (and pizza) is our greatest hope for shaping a better world.


“Dough Nation should be required reading for future entrepreneurs and small business owners. Andrus deftly explains how making giving a cornerstone of their business plan has yielded tangible benefits for their community, their employees, and their bottom line.”
—Ron Wade, Director of Marketing, Detroit Tigers (2010–2018)

“In Dough Nation, Christopher Andrus makes a compelling case that a fulfilling life inside and outside of business is about the journey, not the finish line.”
—Sam Calagione, Founder and Brewer, Dogfish Head Brewery

“Customers and employees rally around businesses that stand for something, and nonprofits are the grateful beneficiaries of this growing philosophy.”
—Julie Pendell, Vice President, Make-A-Wish Michigan

“Two outside-the-box thinkers built a business around purpose and serving others. This inspiring journey demonstrates action, intentionality, and perseverance.”
—Rich Wolowski, President and CEO, Gordon Food Service

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