Creating a Concierge

Ren French

Ren French leads you on his journey through life’s mistakes and triumphs to become an award-winning and very sassy hotel concierge in one of the most amazing cities in the world, New Orleans. Have you ever been placed in a situation where your thoughts override your voice? Met a grandma with a potty mouth? Or made a new best friend from an awkward conversation? Discover questions you shouldn’t ask a hotel concierge, and live the life of a guest as if you’re sitting next to him. Enjoy an intimate peek inside the mind of a regular guy with not-so-regular thoughts.

Ren regales us with stories of his life: the good, the bad, and the ridiculous guest encounters that should never be repeated but are now in this book. After his upbringing in a small north Louisiana farm town and a stint in New York City, he finally embraces a life of wonder in New Orleans. He touches on his experiences as a gay man in America, along with his many jobs and escapades, before finding himself in the last place he could have imagined—behind a concierge desk. Influences from society’s norms that affected his wacky creativity and the amazing people who loved him and hated him, all shaped the way he sees the world. His stories are relatable and easy to read, a fun-filled laugh riot that will leave you wanting more.

You might not find the secrets of the universe within the pages of this book or discover lost civilizations, but you’ll savor the tales of one man’s life well spent. Ren’s imaginative storytelling sets the stage for you to smile, smirk, cringe, fart, and giggle at your own pace. Experience the fantastical world of the Rensverse, a narrative not to be missed.

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