Norman and Lynn Reed

Norman Reed and Lynn Kamara met and married when they were both in their sixties and are now building a relationship that brings both challenges and rewards neither anticipated. Norman is a man who loves to solve puzzles and after hearing a discussion concerning the finds from an archaeological dig near Jerusalem, a nagging question pestered him. The intoxicating desire to discover the answer resulted in the birth of our book, The Black Angel of the Lord .

Norman, a native of Chicago, worked as an electrical design draftsman for many years. He had no writing experience prior to The Black Angel of the Lord but has always loved theater and films. Lynn held a number of different positions outside the home while in school and raising her family. Her writing experience was limited to greeting card notes and her personal journal, but she loved books all her life. Friends and family frequently encouraged her to write her own story, but it took Norman’s relentless drive make The Black Angel of the Lord a reality. She credits him for their first book saying the story drove him to drive her and their marriage to exhaustion and near extinction, and then on to the elation of survival.

They are enjoying their new careers as authors and guest speakers. Life gets busier each month, but the exercise of veto power helps to control their schedule. Saying “No” at times is a good thing. The Reeds travel, speaking to various groups, sharing their personal story and encouraging others “to stretch, to put aside their hesitations and reach again for that dream they shelved, and persevere in the attempts to make the dream reality.”

Living a predictable life is totally acceptable, but if you are forgetting or giving up on your aspirations in life, you open the door to your end.

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