Kimberly Bell Mocini

Kimberly Bell Mocini grew up in Rockford, Michigan. A graduate of Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Business Administration.  In addition, she studied at Kendall School of Design and participated in a special business management program at Notre Dame University.  Early in her career, when the microwave oven was first introduced, Kimberly traveled throughout Michigan teaching hundreds the “how to” of microwave cooking.  That led to her first foray into publishing, writing a cookbook called “For Better Meals The Microwave Way”.

Though Kimberly’s background was far from the educational field, she was focused on raising her children to be respectful and the best that they could be.  Her new book called “My Child Wasn’t Born Perfect” through the telling of JD”s story will help parents and educators navigate the challenges sufferers of autism and other learning disabilities face throughout the educational years.

JD was able to beat the odds.  Kimberly tells a personal and heart touching story of the challenges she and her family faced while raising a child who had a learning disability that was classified under the autism umbrella.  The book offers resources, advice, hope and encouragement.

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