March 1, 2016

Writing as a discipline

Even if you never actually publish a book, if you are a writer it is important that you write each day. As those who know me well soon find out, rather than journal or write blogs, most of my everyday writing is in long emails. Most days I will think of somebody and write an email to that person. It may be an author we are working with, a friend or family member, or even somebody I have wanted to write to—such as someone in the news, a politician or a publication. The point is that I like to write something each day to feed my own need to write. Oftentimes I work things out with my writing while composing the email (or sometimes it is a Facebook post).

Writing each day also helps with research, especially when addressing current affairs. As I write, for accuracy, often I realize in order to make my point requires me to refer to a book or article. That, of course, is part of the writing process.

In my work at Principia I encounter a lot of interesting people with book ideas. I try to be encouraging while offering any advice I can based on my own experience.

Many times we pursue these ideas with the prospective author. It often takes months, even years, before a manuscript is submitted because writing a book is very hard work. Guessing, I would say for every ten ideas discussed with authors only one will actually result in a fully written manuscript. And out of every ten manuscripts I’d say only one is published.

How often have you had an idea for a book? Maybe someone has even suggested that you write a book.

At Principia we love books. But we are also pretty selective in what we publish.

If you have an idea or story you’d like to see published email me directly and I’d be happy to give you my impressions. You can either use the form on the Principia website or email me directly

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