After months, or maybe years, of endless hours in front of your computer, you are finally holding your completed manuscript. Now you face the incredibly difficult and confusing task of trying to understand the process of transforming this stack of paper into a professionally produced book.

Do you hire an agent, if you could find one? Do you begin the process of searching the internet and submitting your manuscript to the major publishing companies in hopes of being offered the huge book contract? Every author has been there, dreaming of their chance to join the media interview circuit. Unfortunately for most new and emerging authors, the only contract offers involve signing away all editorial, intellectual and property rights to your work while providing you with all marketing responsibilities and a spot at the back of selected book stores for a few months.

We at Principia have a better idea. The partnership for all prospective authors begins with a free consultation session with our Director of Publishing. His wealth of experience in the publishing industry will assist you in determining the appropriate amount of editing and design required to bring your manuscript to “print ready” status. If it is determined by both of you that your project is compatible with the quality and values of the Principia Community, we will then provide a proposal designed specifically for the publication of your book.

Sound good? Let’s Talk About Your Book!

Getting a book published is really the easy part. Anyone can publish virtually anything, regardless of quality or value. Authors all over the world have published hundreds and sometimes thousands of books without a plan or a network in which to sell them.

Each author that is accepted into the Principia Community will share in the unique marketing and distribution opportunities that are provided via seminars, social networking, and our interactive web store.

Through Principia Media our authors receive the highest quality publishing services while retaining intellectual and property rights to their work, a unique distribution and marketing opportunity through our community, and a national voice for your important work.

Principia offers more than publishing services — we welcome you as a member of our community.