About Vern Jones

As an entrepreneur, Vern has created three successful companies. His early professional life was devoted to the sciences, primarily the pharmaceutical and clinical laboratory industries. It was during this time that he discovered his ability to translate complicated information into terms that layman could understand. These skills make Vern a frequent public speaker at professional conferences throughout the U.S. While the sciences were his profession, his passion was the study of religion and faith.

In his book, The Non-Religious Christian, Vern uses these skills of communication, and his decades of personal research into the Christian religion, to present a perspective unfamiliar to most of the self-proclaimed Christian community. Vern discusses the origins and authors of the books of the Christian bible, the claim of biblical inerrancy and inspiration, as well as an examination of the biblical references regarding many of the social issues that are dominating our political and religious discussions.

Vern lives with his wife Irene, and their Australian Labradoodle Mika, in Jenison, Michigan. He loves golf, hiking, scuba, water skiing, and he just summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa on August 10, 2014, with two of their daughters and two sons-in-law.