Story Submission

Let's Talk About Your Book

Our Selection Process

Consultation and Evaluation:

Following the Submission, a prospective author will be contacted by a Principia staff member to arrange an interview. During this critical interview an evaluation will be made to determine the following.

  1. Does the manuscript reflect Principia’s six core values?
  2. Would the author be a valuable addition to the Principia Community?
  3. What would the manuscript require to meet our strict quality and publishing standards?
  4. What would be the targeted market and how would be impact that market?

Publishing Process

Authors that are invited to be part of the Principia community will then be directly involved as we go through the publishing process, including editing, custom cover design, interior design, and final proofing.


Successful authors recognize that being a new author is very similar to starting a new business. Now that we have a completed manuscript (you have developed your product), who is our target market, how do we get the product in front of the customers, and how do we convince them to purchase? Principia works with each author to help them develop a unique marketing plan.

Community Support

The concept of the Principia community allows authors to share ideas, experiences, and marketing opportunities at our annual meetings, our unique author page on the Principia website, web development opportunities, and classes for blog writing and how to use the social media. Our Community provides encouragement and support as you work your way through this new and exciting chapter in your life.