KathieWritingWeb Kathleen: as an author

I am a life-long writer, experienced and skilled in many genres including curriculum, business, marketing, journalism, fiction, devotional, blogging, and poetry. Publishing my first novel, Less Than a Widow, meant that I could not only check off number one box on my bucket list, but I could get started on a second historical novel.

In addition to Less Than a Widow, my recent works include two curricula developed for the Third Church Learning Center: Life in the Spirit (a two-semester course) and GD2ROM (God-Designed to Renew Our Minds)–Scripture, Science, and the Brain. Both courses have been taught for years in churches and small groups.

I have sitzfleisch, a condition I am delighted to have acquired. This combination of two German words—sitzen (to sit) and fleisch (flesh)—means the ability to endure or persist in a task, although I prefer the common definition: chair glue. My chair is usually a booth in a coffee shop, and caffeine has been LIS_M1-1especially helpful in the glue department.

DNA and upbringing conspired to design me with strong traits of empathy and a curiosity for how things link together. Although fantasy and science fiction are my favorite genres to read, writing about ordinary life experiences has brought profound and valuable answers to my “why” questions. And I’m happy to tell you that it is possible to discover the truths you are seeking in the world of imagination.

Through writing I’ve met imaginary friends that have become very dear to me. I know them as well as I know myself, maybe because a little part of me has leaked into each one. I scour the internet for pictures to match my mental images of these friends which I display in my notes containing all the things I know about them. For my latest project, I spent a lot of time looking at images of men and women from the Middle East searching for faces that match my characters. (I wonder how government watch groups reacted to that.) I hope that you will enjoy spending time with my friends as much as I do.

Kathleen: as a wife, mother, and grandmother

GmaLaurelStories have always been a part of my family life—as I grew up, as my husband and I raised our children, and as a way we dote on our grandkids. I love words—just the right words—which often means I have to explain their meanings. Some of the logic-based family members ask me, “Can’t you just give me a definition instead of using the word in context for each of its many meanings?” The truth is, I’d rather not—I prefer the stories.

My life revolves around God, family, friends, and as much laughter as I can pack into a day.