January 16, 2015

Are you good enough?

We are looking for three exceptional manuscripts before June 30, 2015.
When we created Principia Media a few years ago, we had no intention of being just another publisher. Instead we wanted to make a difference by publishing a limited number of exceptional books.

Now that we have been in this very strange and complicated business for over three years, we are refining our goals. We have published notable memoirs, historical fiction and thought-provoking business books. Yet we don’t want to work with every author that fits into this niche–only those who can change the perception of their audience, have a compelling message to tell, and who are willing to do the tough work to make their project a success.

We live in an era when virtually any author can literally publish anything she wishes, no matter how badly written or how awful the content.

My challenge to you is this: Are you, and does your manuscript, measure up to the publishing standards we have established at Principia? Does your memoir touch our souls and break our hearts like Roberta King’s He Plays a Harp? Does your manuscript challenge our knowledge of business and interpersonal relationships as much as Joe Koenig’s Getting the Truth? Does your fictional manuscript give us the insight into motivation and the depth of character of Kathleen Evenhouse’s Less Than a Widow?

Principia currently has openings for three more publishing projects available for our summer catalogue ending in June?  Is yours good enough?Love, Vern


  • Cheryl Gray says:

    i self published a true story and would like to submit it. Can I send it to you through the mail? It’s called, Seeing The Humor: A Book About My B( . )( . )bs. I want all women to read it so they won’t experience so much fear when they get a breast cancer diagnosis. I laughed during every doctor and hospital visit throughout my cancer experience…so many funny stories! I had a bilateral mastectomy, reconstruction surgeries, and three months of chemotherapy. One of the best years of my life.

    I am also writing a fictional novel, but it’s not finished. Can I submit a partial manuscript with an outline of the rest of the story?

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