January 12, 2015

The Bottom Line: Getting Your Book Published with Principia

Whenever someone asks me what differentiates Principia from other publishers my response is “teamwork.” Let me explain.

Authors do much of their work in isolation. Writing is not done by committee. It is a solitary task. Once complete, an author seeks a publisher to take his or her work to market. However, prior to publication, there are many steps required before a book is market-ready. Surely, an author nowadays has other options such as self-publishing if immediacy is the only desired outcome. But if an author wants to be meaningfully published a team of professionals is required.

Here is how our process at Principia works:

To contact us, fill in our “Let’s Talk About Your Book” form on our website. If you have a query letter and book proposal, that is great. Though helpful, it is not essential. We read each submission carefully and respond in a timely manner. Often we’ll arrange a time to talk.

If we are interested in the topic or genre we will ask to see your manuscript (or a portion of it). Our team of readers will carefully evaluate your work to see if it fits our publishing criteria. Because we publish a limited number of books each year only a small number of submissions get to the next step.

Once an agreement with an author is made and the accepted manuscript is in-house an editor is assigned. We provide several levels of editing from developmental to light edits depending on how much work we feel a manuscript requires to meet our high standards. Because marketing begins many months prior to the release of a book, early on we also involve our book cover designer. During this part of the process we are in continual communication with the author determining how best to market the book, assessing edits and planning the release of the book. This is a time when many decisions are made and much of the eventual successes the book will enjoy happen as a result of these discussions.

We work as a team in concert with our authors. Each team member, from our publisher Vern Jones to our editors, designers, and proofers, work day and night to properly guide each book through production to the marketplace.

Each book published starts with an initial conversation. Interested in discussing your book? To get the conversation started, fill in our “Let’s Talk About Your Book” form on our principiamedia.com website.

Dirk Wierenga

Director of Publishing

Principia Media

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