The Prisoner’s Prayer Book

by Louise Ann Sipes Reichert

Being imprisoned results in the loss of liberty, the loss of privacy and the loss of dignity which leads to feelings of utter despair. How does one cope with this? What is left of the essence of the soul when the state controls every aspect of life? How does someone give meaning to this deprivation and suffering? The answer is unique to each person, but those who have come through the experience intact all agree that they made it through prayer: clumsy, desperate prayers. Prayers expressed only through tears. Pleading prayers. Asking for God for hope even when things seems hopeless. Praying for acceptance while bitterness chews at the soul. And yes, even prayers for gratitude. Gratitude for a kindness shown or for unexpected wisdom when helping another find their way.

Writing her prayers based on actual prison experiences described by fellow prison activist, Doug Tjapkes, author Louise Reichert gives powerful voice to the inner longings, fears and feelings that are ever present, and provides stark reminders that keeping God in the forefront of life brings meaning to a seemingly pointless existence.