Lillie’s Redemption

by Lydia Waring Myer

Lillie’s Redemption is about two families in a small town who realize they need to deal with some secrets from the past that come bubbling up now that Mom has died. It’s her widower, Martin, who reads her diary to find out why she withdrew from life 10 years prior to her death and could not talk about it. He passes the diary on to his daughter Lillie and then digs deep, as a man, to talk with his grown children about what happened to their mother.

As the mystery unfolds, it’s the young people, Lillie and Joshua, who fall in love, who have the courage to take this issue of justice to the town and the local congregation. As a result, the community begins the healing process which allows them to face the tough truth and find their way to forgiveness and second chances. It is a raw and riveting drama that satisfies the deepest places of heart and soul, but leaves the reader wanting more.

Author Lydia Waring Meyer is currently writing the sequel, Abigail’s Porch, which will take the reader on a continuing journey with her real and relatable characters and rich plot.