December 1, 2014

Bill Cosby: The truth is ugly. A Coverup is worse

There is a teachable opportunity in the whole lurid details emerging in the recent news regarding Bill Cosby. The beloved comedian, actor, and advocate for education has recently come under attack by over a dozen women who claim he drugged then raped them many years ago. Crimes that have long outlived the statutes of limitations. As the plot thickens and more accusers come forward, Cosby remains staunch in his denial of any misdeeds, instead blaming all accusations on the accusers themselves.

Unfortunately, the more he denies the accusations or tries covering them up, the more entrenched the media becomes in looking for a so-called “smoking gun.”

It’s beginning to mimic many other recent sordid crimes such as the student molestations by Jerry Sandusky at Penn State and the ongoing accusations of sexual molestation by Woody Allen’s adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow.

I think it is very interesting that in all these high profile cases, the accused plays a game of accusing the media of taking sides against them rather than simply telling the truth. After all, in today’s world those accused of the most hideous of crimes seem to think a good denial will make the investigators stop all activities in their tracks. But the opposite always seems to be true.

This past month we at Principia released a new book by written by former crime scene investigator, Joe Koenig, titled Getting the Truth. In his book, Joe teaches the reader techniques which allows them to determine who is most likely telling the truth (or partial truths) and who is not. These techniques include how to become a trained observer, how to pose questions and how to analyze the response to determine who is most likely telling the truth and who is lying.

Getting the Truth is an intriguing book you’ll find indispensable at work, home and whenever finding the truth is beneficial.

By Dirk Wierenga, Principia Director of Publishing

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