Monthly Archives: January 2013

The evolution of one’s faith

January 17, 2013

I grew up in a fairly non-religious home, but believed that I was a Christian in the same way that I was Caucasian. It was something that I just was – I was born that way. I occasionally went to church with friends, bowed my head for prayer during large family dinners and never thought […]

The elements of an effective book proposal – Part Three: Marketing

January 15, 2013

My initial blog in this series provided an overview of a typical book proposal. The next posting discussed the elements contained within the content description section. This blog deals with marketing, the most disliked area for authors and most essential for publishers. In the marketing section of the book proposal, what publishers want to know […]

Being a good steward of our earth

January 14, 2013

Over the past several years, I have engaged in some lively discussions with my conservative friends regarding the topic of Climate Change or Global Warming. It is completely baffling to me when they deny the role of human activity as a contributing factor in the severe weather patterns predicted by climate scientists. These same intelligent […]